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After witnessing Sleepy Sun's show at Bottom of the Hill last night (my first time seeing them live), I count myself amongst the convinced that San Francisco's newest stars have been born. The band put on a performance that burned into your memory--and your retina, thanks to a film projector beaming white geometric patterns on the band.

Sleepy's sound is equal parts Brightblack Morning Light, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Black Mountain. It's psychedelic pop, it's droning stoner rock, it's earthy folk with a whole lot of sludge, and live, it hits the hooks like few local bands in any of those genres.

One of the best things about the group is its blend of the masculine and the feminine--which comes on through its two main singers, Bret Constantino and Rachel William. The pair, war-paint smeared under their eyes, fed off one another and fed the crowd on the frenzy they built for every song, William gyrating in a sparkling rainbow dress and Constantino howling into a mic or banging away on the keyboards.

It was the kind of performance you hope Noise Pop will be able to look back upon and say, ""Yeah, we had them at Bottom of the Hill back in the day. Now look at them."

Thinking back on last night's show, I have no choice but to share more Sleepy Sun music. Check out "Sleepy Son," "New Age," and "Lord" here or at the band's MySpace page.

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