The Great SF Pillow Fight of 09, Black Valentines Masquerade, Origin of Love and NOFX: Your Monday Morning Hangover

There was more than enough to keep even the loneliest of hearts distracted and amused over the V-Day weekend. Topping the list easily was Saturday's Great San Francisco Pillow Fight of 2009, which brought thousands to Justin Herman Plaza to beat the crap out of each other with feathers and fluff. Relive the action via Gretchen Robinette's photos and  Joe Eskenazi's videos.    
For those who opted to save their stuffing on Saturday there was fabulous fashion at Muse Studios' Love Sick party. See more photos by Hanna Quevedo here.

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On Sunday night, Bonnie Ruberg joined other Hedwig fans at the Victoria Theatre for "Origin of Love with John Cameron Mitchell." And it was better than "a fancy dinner, a bouquet of roses, or a giant box of chocolates - unless that box of chocolates looks really, really good in drag." Read Bonnie's report here.

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Also on Sunday: Music Editor Jennifer Maerz caught the Murder City Devils at the GAMH. It was the sort of show you attend when you feel like hearing the sound of hearts getting ripped from chests at top volume, she said. Read Jennifer's recap here.

Still more Sunday Coverage: Brian Moss time-warped back to his teen years at Slim's at the sight of NOFX. Brian writes:
When dwelling on the band, a twist on Matthew McConaughey's immortal line from Dazed and Confused comes to mind: "They keep getting older, but their fans stay the same age."
Read the rest here.

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Backtracking a bit, here's Hanna Quevedo's Friday photo set for Mighty's Black Valentine Masquerade.

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