Sunspot Jonz This Week's Featured Artist on MySpace

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DIY 4 life: Sunspot Jonz

Back in the day, the litmus test for independent hip-hop artists was being played on "The Wake Up Show." These days, it's being featured on MySpace.

Oakland-born, original DIY rapper Sunspot Jonz --pioneer of the "Unsigned and Hella Broke" ideology and a founding member of the Living Legends and Mystic Journeymen--gets his shot at mass appeal this week: he's been named a "Featured Artist" on MySpace, along with indie rockers These Are Powers, Airplanes, and Soil. Jonz is pushing a new video, "Dip Down"  and has not one but two new albums waiting to drop: The Darkside Ov Heaven (described in a press release as "more commercial") and the gritty, uber-underground Fight-Destroy Rock.

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