Sir Lord Von Raven Wants to Be Your Friend on MySpace

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Tiger Lily
I Wanna Be Your Friend: Sir Lord Von Raven

I recently received a MySpace friend request from Sir Lord Von Raven , an Oakland-based artist specializing in "Healing & Easy Listening/Christian/ Roots Music." That descriptor alone is enough to make me run to the hills faster than a bunch of Iron Maiden fans being chased by teeth-baring werewolves on All Hallow's Eve, but apparently, it's just SLVR being cheeky: his MySpace tunes sound nothing like the Yanni meets the Blind Boys of Alabama mash-up I'd feared.

As it turns out, SLVR offers bluesy noise-pop, or perhaps punky retro garage-rock, with titles like "Spit on Yer Grave," "What's a Boy to Do," and "Glass Castle." Honestly, they're not half-bad, if you're into that sort of thing. Sorry, dude, but I'm gonna have to deny your friend request (since I don't actually know you). However, your ambitiousness and audacity have at least earned you a mention on this blog. Good luck to you, Sir Lord Von Raven--may you rock on and rock well.

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