MC Lars Prepares for New Album, Dates Suicide Girl

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MC Lars, represent!

Who said being nerdy wasn't cool? Try telling that to San Francisco "nerdcore" rapper MC Lars. A co-originator of Nerdcore--also known as "post-punk laptop rap"--along with MC Chris and MC Frontalot, Lars caught wreck in 2007 for his Weird Al-like take on the Bay Area's then-dominant urban sound with the single "White Kids Ain't Hyphy."

In case you missed it, here's some sample lyrics:

Got kicked out of Slim's like a week ago
For crumping in the front row at the Anticon show
And everyone I know says I'm taking my chances
Cruising through Oakland bumping Sage Francis
San Jose rappers say they don't want to hear
Angry emo raps by Eyedea and Atmosphere
The hippies out in Berkeley tell me I should stop
Ghost riding my Volvo wearing Birkenstocks

Two years later, MC Lars is back with a new album, This Gigantic Robot Kills, which drops Feb. 24 on Crappy Records (not to be confused with I Just Crapped My Pants Records). The record promises to be even nerdier than you thought nerdcore could ever be--Weird Al himself graces "True Player For Real"--and features special guests Mike Kennedy of Vision of Disorder, Pierre Bouviere of Simple Plan, MC Bat Commander of The Aquabats, Suburban Legends, Gabriel Saporta of Cobra Starship, Brett Anderson of The Donnas, MC Frontalot, Jesse Dangerously, Linus Dotson of Size 14, and others. But the real news is that MC Lars does have some pimpin' skills, apparently--according to his publicist, he's dating a Suicide Girl. Maybe that old adage is true, after all: hot chicks make passes at dudes with Coke-bottle-thick glasses.

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