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You think you're metal? You, with your Wasteland-purchased Slayer shirt and ironic use of devil horns? Dude, you're not metal. Because if you're just gonna hit up DJ Rob Metal with requests off Reign in Blood, you might as well go back to Britney.

Rob Metal knows his stuff. He knows the difference between black metal, death metal, black thrash, kult black metal, technical death metal, and poser hipster metal. He's the go-to DJ for many of San Francisco's punk and metal promoters to take the decks between live band sets at places like Thee Parkside, Annie's, and  the DNA.  And he owns t-shirts with lettering no amount of Lasik surgery will help you to read. You will strain those eyes to death!

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce Mr. Rob Metal.

Name: DJ Rob Metal
Club night(s): Well it varies depending on the day and the month. This week: Feb. 27th @ Thee Parkside: Horn Of Dagoth, Necrite, Artery, and Nafregah. I'll be spinning before, in-between, and after the show. March is pretty crazy right now. I'm doing about six shows and four are pretty major.

Style(s) of music you spin:  Well, with a last name like Metal it's pretty self-explanatory. It depends on the show. If I go through Scott Alcoholocaust, it's usually grindcore, d-beat, dirty punk, and thrash. If I go through Matt Shapiro (CrackWhore/Lucifer's Hammer), it's thrash, black metal, death metal, and doom.  For Shawn Phillips (Whore For Satan): black and death metal, black thrash, kult black metal, technical death metal, etc.For ESP Productions (Tonus and Pete): Old school thrash and death metal (90-95 era), NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal), crossover punk, and whatever else I can conjure up.

Name of a track you can't get out of your head:  Well, this week it's been Sonic Syndicate's "Jack of Diamonds" and Refused's "New Noise" off the classic The Punk of Shape to Come. By next week this could totally change.

Best metal memory:  This might be endless but here's a few that standout. Listening to Sinister's "Diabolical Summoning" through the DNA soundsystem and realizing that "Wow, that's my record and it sure sounds damn amazing. Then DJing for Angelcorpse a the Bottom of the Hill last June and having a similiar reaction. Flying out to Rochester, New York to see Dismember, which happened a few years ago. Looking forward to flying out for the Maryland Deathmetal Festival to see Bolt Thrower.

Where have you picked up your favorite metal records over the years?  I go through roughly about 15-20 mail order companies. 20-25 years ago it was whoever was catering to the genre. Nowdays, Hell's Headbangers, Century Media, Relapse, Unrest Records (Canada), Nuclear War Now Productions, Amoeba, Ajna Offensive,Metal Haven (Chicago) Red Stream, Paragon, and I could go on and on.

Describe the best album cover in your collection: I would have a hard time narrowing this down to one. But the artists that I have admired are Pushead, Dan Seagrave, Jeff Gaither, Ed Repka, Robt.Williams, S.Clay Wilson, and Paul Booth.
What's one song that always gets the crowd excited?
I wouldn't say it's a song. It's usually with whatever new records I happened to pick up that week or that month.It's what groove, riff, or mosh, or grind section that I find and your head tends to go along with the rhythm section of that song--i.e. Malevolent Creation's "Slaughter of Innocence" has an awesome break in the middle of the song, so does "Kill on Command" by Vio-Lence.
Musical mantra:"If it's not on VINYL, it's not worth my time."

Favorite DJ experience:  The day that Tonus (The DJ from Hell who does Rampage Radio on KUSF along with Ron Quintana, Black Metal Martha, and Shaxul) convinced me that I should do this and I would probably be really good at it. Well, that was roughly 10 yrs ago and the advice was really good.
Worst request: Anything by SLAYER. Nine out of 10 times I get this request, even if I happen to have it.This always happens, the self-proclaimed metalhead only knows SLAYER from Reign In Blood and so forth. If you're not familiar with "Show No Mercy," "Haunting the Chapel," or "Hell Awaits,"  maybe Brittany Spears, Coldplay, or Carrie Underwood are more your speed.

Most treasured vinyl score:
There have been many over the years and here's some examples:

Pantera's "Vulgar Display of Power",
Dismenber's "Massive Killing Capacity",
Satan's "Suspended Sentence",
The first (3) Pestilence Records.
Gorguts "Considered Dead",
I now have everything by Cannibal Corpse (full-legnths only). Waiting for the new one to be released on vinyl.

What other music-related projects are you currently working on?

Question we didn't ask you but you often ask yourself.  When is my next pkg going to arrive?

Next time we can see you spin:

Well, Feb 27th @ Thee Parkside.( The Kult BlackMetal show with Horn of Dagoth)
March 6th @ Annie's Social Club with Sadistic Intent
March 12 @ The DNA Lounge with Winds of Plague
March 13th @ Thee Parkside with Tyr ( Part of the Pagan Knights tour)
March 14th @ Annie's Social Club with Slough Feg and Brocus Helm.
March 27th @ The DNA Lounge with Bleeding Through and Acasia Strain
April 10th Negative Plane with Horn Of Dagoth.
April 25th @ Thee Parkside with Bonded by Blood.(Not a Exodus cover band), ExMortuus, WitchHaven, Savage Machine, and Gravehill (Former Morgion members)
May 16th The Pagan Fest @ The DNA Lounge with Korpiklanni, Eluveitie, Primordial, MoonSorrow, Black Guard and SwashBuckle.
And the final for now: June 3rd @ The DNA Lounge: Mayhem, Marduk, Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation and Withered.
Raise the Horns.
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