American Apparel Protest, Comedy Death Ray, John Vanderslice and the Really Really Free Market: Your Monday Morning Hangover


Saturday's much blogged-about American Apparel protest outside the storefront the chain plans to move into on Valencia Street had a sadly low turnout. Perhaps they were asking a bit much (10 a.m. on a Saturday morning?). Photographer Gretchen Robinette arrived at 10 on the dot and says that protesters started trickling in past 11. Click here for her photo set.


Meanwhile, at nearby Mission and 18th, Hanna Quevedo (the latest photog. to join our All Shook Down family) and her well-traveled lens documented January's installment of the Really Really Free Market. And it really was free. No admission fee, no price tags, no bartering, nada. Photos here.


Friday evening took Music Editor Jennifer Maerz to Cobb's for Comedy Death Ray, featuring Zach Galigianakis (pictured), Mary Lynn Rajskub, Bob Odenkirk, Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Kindler, Chris Hardwick and the Fun Bunch. As expected, awkward comedy reigned supreme.

Also on Friday: Melissa Baron attended Tiny Telephone's 10th birthday party at the GAMH, headlined by John Vanderslice and SF's Magik*Magik Orchestra. It was by and large a good time, but band nerd Melissa wondered aloud if another venue would have been more suitable.

Still more Friday coverage: Photographer Mekuria Getinet lent his lens to the sold-out Amon Tobin show at the Independent (with support from local artist Mophono and JK47 featuring DJ Push). Mekuria's take:

"The variety of sounds and atmosphere he created on stage were truly diverse and fresh. He continues to push the standards of his art form higher and higher, and the crowd seems to want more and more. He is a true Dj's DJ."
See more photos here.

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