The Trail of Dead Winds Thru S.F. in Mid-March (Be Afraid ... Be Very Afraid)

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Arty Texas post-hardcore band ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead has a new album, The Century of Self *, due out in February. The group'll also be hitting the asphalt for a national tour, which finds its way into Slim's on Monday, March 16; tickets cost $18 and go on sale this Sunday, Jan. 18.

Hopefully the boys won't cause too much damage to the local drinkeries -- unlike this past New Year's Eve, for example, when guitarist Kevin Allen was arrested for going full-on Pete Townshend '64, smashing a (get this) Guitar Hero controller and destroying a pricey plasma TV in a fit of game-related-and-alcohol-fueled frustration. According to the Trail of Dead fansite, "Austin police were called to an incident late on New Year's Eve at 7th Street's Beauty Bar after a patron, later identified as Allen, smashed a television with a gaming accessory and threw the console at a passing car outside the bar." Hilarity! It couldn't have happened at a more annoying, pseudo-hip liquor establishment. -- J.G.

* Presumably named after the excellent BBC documentary mini-series by Adam Curtis; Google Video and/or Netflix that shit for some illuminating brain food.

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