Tattoo-Dude Ogle Warning Takes Effect in Seven ... Six ... Five ...

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Tattoo artist and TV personality Kat Von D is coming to town. If you're of a certain demographic -- specifically (a) male and into (b) hard rock and (c) all things tatt-related -- that is very exciting news. The star of the TLC network's LA Ink reality television series will be signing copies of her new book (and fending off the flirtatious advances of just about every rocker bro with a pulse) at the downtown Virgin MegaStore tonight at 7 p.m. No word if any of her superstar friends and clients like Dave Navarro, Nikki Sixx, or the immortal Lemmy Kilmister will be in attendance. We're gonna guess not. But it's guaranteed to be a scene fulla denim, facial hair, and ink-stained wretches of a type that have nothing to do with journalism.

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