Pants-less Subway Ride, Jonas Reinhardt and the 30th Annual Norton Day: Your Monday Morning Hangover


The weekend was wonderfully whimsical for us here at All Shook Down. On Saturday, reporter Ashley Harrell met a crowd of 50 outside Dalva's in the Mission and followed them on their pants-less trek through the streets, BART and MUNI. Much gawking ensued. Read Ashley's dispatch and see her fun photos here.

the-30th-annual-norton-day.2918857.36.jpgAlso on Saturday: Joe Eskenazi and a band of drunken, oddly-clothed gents headed to Colma to honor Joshua Norton (aka Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico) at his grave. See more photos of men in funny hats here.

Thumbnail image for jonas 2.jpgAnd on Saturday night, music editor Jennifer Maerz caught Jonas Reinhardt and 3 Leafs at Million Fishes. Here's a taste:
The Mission arts compound held a makeshift dance party in its white-bricked basement, one so fevered it sucked out all the fresh air in the room -- by midnight all you could breathe in was the weed-hinting, heat-generated scent of people-gettin'-frenzied on the post-rock beat of local trio Jonas Reinhardt.
Read the rest here.

011120091732.jpgAnd on Sunday, SFoodie blogger Tamara Palmer traipsed to the Meatpaper issue release party, braving bacon marshmallows and chocolate-blood sausage pudding along the way. Report and NSFV (not safe for Vegans) photos are here.

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