MP3 of the Day: The Sleepover Disaster

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Remember that time when you invited the girls over for your birthday and you stayed up too late drinking Capri Sun and eating Round Table pizza and then, like, Mindy locked herself in the bathroom and started crying because she said Repo Man was scary (but really she just had never been away from home for the night before?). That was one kind of sleepover disaster. But 'round Fresno, there's talk of another Sleepover Disaster, a band that makes you nostalgic not for creepy movies and sloppy makeovers, but rather for those old 120 Minutes segments with Dave Kendall as the host. With influences like Swervedriver, Ride, and Slowdive easily spotted in Sleepover's heavy-lidded shoegazer sound, the band is helping carry the very popular torch of effects-ridden riffs and dramatic melodies favored by that first batch of 'gazers in the early '90s. Check out "Cathedral" on the band's MySpace page and if you like what you hear, you can make a date with The Sleepover Disaster on January 28th live at the Knockout. -- Jennifer Maerz

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