MP3 of the Day: The Lava Children

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What would it sound like if, instead of being shackled to a computer right now, you were sprawled out in a poppy field, your brain in a kite moving to a slight breeze above your body? Who really knows, right? But if I was gonna guess, I'd say Tulsa band The Lava Children come damn close to producing that sorta spaced out sonic bliss. They remind me of Italian psych-heads Jennifer Gentle (who in turn evoke more than a bit of Syd Barrett) with a dash of Animal Collective, but these Children leave both the darkness and the grandiose alone for LSD-dipped cotton candy confections. All Lava Children's MySpace offerings are earworm-worthy, but make sure to check "I Am A Pony" and "Fly Famous Mockingbird Excerpt" for starters.

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