MP3 of the Day: Loch Lomond

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You're broke. But that makes no difference to your craving for new music. It's still there, your need to load up the old iPod with fresh tunes. So after selling all those 2008 one-hit wonders back to Amoeba (remember Black Kids?) you troll the Internet in search of a new album to peruse ... but you feel guilty because musicians are broke too, and you don't want to steal from them. Here's a solution for you then: Portland's Loch Lomand has a new EP that should make fans of earthily orchestral indie pop smile. And it's free. They're working that whole Radiohead "pay-what-you-can" model. Trumpets for Paper Children is the name of the online gift, and it comprises songs from the band's last two albums plus a new single, "Trumpet Song."  Grab Loch's Trumpets here, and spend only what you can "modestly donate." 

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