Boyz II Men, Willie Nelson, and Meat Puppets: Your Monday Morning Hangover


On Friday, Willie Nelson and son Lukas graced the Fillmore with their presence (they'll be doing so till tomorrow, Jan. 20, if you missed out). All Shook Down correspondent Jonathan Kiefer waxed poetic in his review of the evening, painting Nelson in red and blue lights such that he resembled Shepard Fairey's poster of Barack Obama - if you're a literalist, there's a web site you can visit to re create just that.

Thumbnail image for IMG_1154a.jpgOn Saturday, reporter Sam Prestianni joined the Bay Area's bendiest at the 6th Annual Yoga Journal Conference at the Hyatt (which started Friday and wraps up today). Though not the biggest yoga man, Sam signed up for several classes - which he enjoyed, but found himself a tad too hip to join the group in singing a certain "I am happy/ I am good" chorus. In other important notes, the chick-dude ratio at the event was 100:1. Sooo who's going next year?

011720091790.jpgSaturday Night: SFoodie blog queen Tamara Palmer and yours truly found ourselves outside CocoaBella's Union Street store at 6pm - two hours too early for the "Top Chocolate Pairing" event (such was our excitement to be in the same room as chocolate lords Fritz Knipschildt, Christopher Elbow and Jeff Shepherd). We holed up at Nettie's Crab Shack then headed back to CocoaBella for the best dessert, which you can inspect for yourself in our slideshow.

Thumbnail image for 100_4051_1.jpgAlso on Saturday Night: Mike Rowell made it out to the Meat Puppets show at Bottom of the Hill. Here's a small slice of his review:

"I once watched Curt break most of his strings and continue playing while opening for Black Flag, and another time witnessed him endlessly rocking back and forth on a pair of wah-wah pedals. It was that sort of un-tethered insanity that enthralled me back then, and when the Meat Puppets started to lose that, they started to lose me."
Read the rest here.

Thumbnail image for boyz_ii_men_trio-thumb-473x310.jpgOn Sunday, Tamara Palmer got her wish and witnessed as Boyz II Men performed "Motownphilly," which resides in her iTunes Top 25 Most Played, at the Mezzanine. Read her review and watch some video over here.

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