The Lowbrow Art Sale: Shawn Barber, Ben Tour & Joe Vaux

"Portrait of the artist Paul Booth" by Shawn Barber

barber_booth.jpgNo more than a few days ago, Bay Area artist Shawn Barber unveiled new works in the "Anathema" two person show at the Last Rites Gallery in New York. The pieces in that show are Shawn's first collection of erotic paintings. Previously, we saw Shawn working on his tattooed portrait series, and for those of us who were itching to take some of it home, he has some new prints and a book, "Forever and Ever." The print featured above is exclusive to Last Rites, and happens to be of Paul Booth, tattoo artist, painter and owner of the gallery. The print is a signed and numbered giclee on canvas print, in an edition of 75. There is also a really great print of a painting Shawn did of Last Rites Director Genevive Zacconi. Get It Here.

"White Paper Series #2" by Ben Tour

whitepaperseries2_bentour.jpgBlk/Mrkt Gallery has stocked its site with some new prints, one of which is from an artist I constantly rave about, Ben Tour. This new print is a five-color screenprint on 100% cotton rag paper. It's 18" x 24", signed, numbered and stamped in an edition of 100. The gallery also has a few "Xmas Specials" going. Each package has three prints, with the Tour print in each one. Robert Hardgrave, Jay Howell and Dave Kinsey are also present in the specials. Get It Here.

"It Came From Quahog" by Joe Vaux

crap-vaux.jpgA little over a year ago I featured some prints from the first Family Guy-inspired art show. The second show titled "Family Guy C.R.A.P. (A Collection of Rare Art Pieces)" just finished and Excellent Virtu now has prints from some of the best works in the show. It was really hard to pick just one, the Dan May, for instance, looks amazing. But the one by Joe Vaux is just too freaky to pass up. The Meg Cockroach that Joe painted the previous year is seen in this piece, plus the whole family mutated and Stewie marching up all crazy with his flying Rupert attack bears. I think this probably the best one for a young child's room, but thats just me. The print is 13" x 19", 100 unsigned and 25 hand signed. If you scroll down you will also see prints from the first show. Get It Here.

"Rites of Spring" by Johannah O'Donnell

ritesofspring_johannahodonnell.jpgThis Florida-based artist went the Ringling School of Art and Design and has quite an impressive exhibition list. She says her work is inpsired by "American Pop Art movement, Spanish Surrealism, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy Art." The colors in her paintings are insane, and I think it shows even more in this piece with the black and white Black Metal girl? She at least looks pretty comfortable chillin' on that rabbit's lap. The print is 12" x 18" signed and numbered. Get It Here.

"Momento Mori Print Set" by J.R. Goldberg

momentomori_jrgoldberg.jpgJ.R. Goldberg is an illustrator and comic artist out of Los Angeles. Her art was first published by Slave Labor Graphics in an amazing little book called "Jellyfist." The stories were written by Jhonen Vasquez of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac fame. After getting this book, which I carry everywhere with me since I'm that creepy, I tried searching around for any prints that J.R. might have. I found a printed card set, featuring 9 hand printed cards. The set is limited to 200. You can take a look at the prints in this set here. My set is on the way, so you better hurry up before I buy them all. Get It Here.

--Josh Creep

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