Listomania: If You've Got a Little Time on Your Hands!


By Meredith Brody

We love lists, as it happens, almost as much as magazines and their cover blurb writers do (as in Cosmopolitan's invariable "365 New Sexual Positions!" and O the Oprah Magazine's "53 Ways to Give Your Looks a Lift" and Allure's "52 Tips for Irresistible Hair, Makeup, Skin - and Attitude.") (Extra credit: guess which two of the above are genuine cover lines and which isn't. Answer below!)

But even we were gob-smacked by Time magazine's recent release of the Top Ten Everything of 2008, daringly getting the jump on other publications by at least a couple of weeks. (And what if there's a fantastically newsworthy event or celebrity breakup - thank you, Madonna and Guy Ritchie, for not waiting until the end of her tour to do so, as was rumored - that occurs before December 31, 2008? I guess the lists will then have to go all the way up to 11!)

Clicking your way through all 50 lists, from Albums to Worst Biz Deals, will satisfyingly take up a couple of afternoons. (#1 album? Time says it's Tha Carter III by Lil Wayne - we haven't heard it, but there's a useful YouTube performance attached. #1 Worst Biz Deal? Yahoo rejects Microsoft bid, which we probably could have guessed. There's a whole separate list for the Top 10 Financial Collapses, by the way. Cheery!

We haven't made it all the way through yet, but have especially enjoyed the Top 10 Viral Videos, of which we'd only seen Christian the Lion - we're obviously not wasting as much time as we thought we were on YouTube - and the Top 10 TV Ads - most of which, we presume, we sped through on TiVo.

But, if we do manage to work our way through and need another fix, we need not worry. Time has thoughtfully provided a link to the 50 Top Ten Lists of 2007, when the Top Ten Financial Collapses weren't even a gleam in their eyes. Ah, nostalgia.

(Answers to magazine blurbs: even Cosmopolitan couldn't come up with 365 new sexual positions. The O line is from January 2008, the Allure one from July 2008. And yes, it's time to toss out our old magazines!)

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