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San Francisco loves its dubstep DJs. The drum 'n' bass scene that packed the clubs a decade back is bringing out fans of the heavy beat at dubstep nights like Narco.Hz. Djunya spins there among his other gigs across the city and around globe. You think your favorite DJ brings the riot? Djunya literally survived spinning during one -- complete with Swat team-- in Utah. Check it below.

Name: Joseph Sterling Hanks Jr. a.k.a. (Djunya)

Club night(s): Narco.Hz @ Underground SF

Style(s) of music you spin: Dubstep, drum 'n' bass, downtempo

How you got your start:  I got my start DJing in '98-'99 after being a live keyboard player  and percussionist. I was already producing beats on Hardware synths & Software. Then decide to learn how to DJ as well. I was instantly hooked on the pleasures of beat matching and hands-on feel of vinyl.

What first got you interested in dubstep?  The bass and minimalism! I had found some mixes online in '04-'05 and I went for a long drive and blew my soundsystem's amp.. That's when I knew I found it. It was a genre I was already producing in some ways, but now it finally had a name.

What new genres/subgenres are you playing around with these days? Besides all styles /vibes of dubstep I've been making some mid-tempo and hip-hop beats

What's your favorite place to DJ and why? Anywhere in San Francisco! People are eager and hungry for good beats in SF.. Internationally I'd have to say Bristol UK -- loads of good producers there, and there is a similar vibe to SF's parties.

Name of a track you can̓t get out of your head: Skream- "Tippa"

Favorite DJ experience:
  SuperDubpressure this summer in Brighton, UK. 50,000-watt system @ Concorde2 was my favorite this year. Lovely hosts and pure bass pressure.

Strangest situation where you've been asked to DJ: V2 Versus Party in Utah when the Swat team invaded the outdoor festival by helicopter. They were trying to instigate a riot with their own children. It was quite strange and sad.

Worst request: Top 40 pop

Most treasured vinyl score: Indian Anthology of Music and so many more..

 Musical mantra: Uplift, Inspire, and positive movement. Boom Shakti

Question we didn̓t ask you but you often ask yourself:
When's my album gonna be ready?? Haha

What other music-related projects are you currently working on? Lauching my own imprint label, "Aorta," as well as scoring original music for artist documentaries. I'm also doing several remix's and collaborations with other dubstep artists.

Keep up with Djunya here.

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