Britney Comes to San Jose in April

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Yesterday was Britney Spears' 27th birthday. The reason it was such big news was less that one of pop's least-mature starlets (a race crowded with contenders these days) was actually aging, and more that Britney's B-Day also marked the release date for her new album, Circus, her latest attempt to crawl back from all that crazy behavior and be known for her music again.

Coming along with that new record is a big ol' tour, and the Spears Circus hits San Jose in April -- the 12th to be exact -- for those still curious what she can do with three rings. In related news, Britney was also on the cover of Rolling Stone's recent "hot" issue, where photos make her look pretty sad these days (it's all in her eyes). But the related profile, all about how she basically has been pushed into a corner (in many ways by her own  dumb actions) giving up every last bit of control in her life these days, was even sadder. -- Jennifer Maerz

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