YouTube Live, No Pants Party and Of Montreal: Your Monday Morning Hangover

Of_Montreal_R.Hubbard6.jpgWeekend recap by Janine Kahn

The bad news is, it's Monday. The good news? This is bound to be one short week! All Shook Down will likely be mostly crickets and echoes this Thursday and Friday as our crew heads out to spend time with their respective clans, so we overdid it this past weekend to make it up to you in advance. Here's what went down...

On Friday, our Ashley Harrell witnessed the second coming of Jesus watched as Of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes leaped out of a silver box hauled onto the Regency Center's Grand Ballroom stage by minions dressed in strange golden costumes (see photo):

"He then changed costumes more times than an average person changes clothing in a week, eventually disrobing to reveal orange shorty-shorts and nothing else, just before a group of performers in black body suits and sparkly silver masks painted their leader's body blood red and dressed him in a centaur costume."

Rachel Hubbard lent us some fabulous photos that will either make you wish you were there or have you thanking gods you don't believe in that you were safe at home. Scroll through the spectacle here.

And, as always, more beneath the fold.

el guincho.jpgAlso on Friday: Music Editor Jennifer Maerz headed to the Independent to see El Guincho and a pal from Barcelona conjure up a joyous electro pop world:

"It was a strange visual, even after all these years of electronic acts taking the stage with little more than laptops and fancy looking gadetry, to watch these two Spaniards make such energetic music by expending so little energy themselves. In their plaid shirts and jeans, they lorded over the machinery with the rocking motions of expert Guitar Hero players. Barcelona Friend traced out beat patterns on drum machine pads with his sticks, and El Guincho stood nearby, trading off handiwork between two rows of sythesizers and plenty of hidden effects."
Read the rest of Jennifer's review here.

bela-fleck-and-the-flecktones-at-yoshis.2775164.36.jpgStill more Friday coverage: Bela Fleck plays a mean banjo and photographer Sam Heller enjoyed seeing the Flecktones work the room at Yoshi's San Francisco location (1330 Fillmore St.) Friday night. See Sam's photo set here.

Soulja Boy.jpgSaturday took Tamara Palmer to Fort Mason for the much-talked-about YouTube Live. Did it live up to the hype? Well, Tamara didn't think so. Perhaps YouTube should be left on YouTube. Read her notes and decide for yourself. Photos by Sam Heller to follow.

A LA Mode @ Atmosphere SF (10).jpgAlso on Saturday: Our husband-wife photo team of Mike and Jen Cash dropped by Atmosphere to snap new club night "A la Mode." See their pretty club candids (and posed photos) here.

_MG_0120.jpgAnd most interestingly, on Sunday, photographer Gretchen Robinette attended Vessel's "No Pants Party." As you know, it doesn't take much to get folks to drop their pants in this town. But give them an invitation and...well, this happens.

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