The Clickable Clit: Halloween-Themed Cybersex with the Professor

By Bonnie Ruberg

The Clickable Clit continues this week with more adventures from the personal diary of an SF-based cybersex expert.

Weird, I think I actually like this guy
Saturday, November 1

As you may have noticed from the transcripts I’ve been posting here, I’ve acquired myself a regular cybersex partner, a horny professor I’ve taken to calling Dr. S. Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty used to having sex online strictly for research, which means my own pleasure gets taken out of the equation. With Dr. S. though, things have been different. He’s a good writer, a creative lover, and an all-around hot cyber lay. Maybe that’s why, despite the fact that I know full well I should be spreading my time around and learning from other partners, I keep coming back to his “office hours,” i.e. our regular Friday online meetings.

I even tried to cancel our meeting for this week, explaining at the end of our last rendezvous I had a doctor’s appointment that morning — which I do. By Monday, though, my body had won out over my head, and I found myself sending him off an email setting up a time to meet on Friday after all, just a little later than normal. I’d been thinking about him a lot, I told him — and it was true. He’s been the star in my non-internet fantasies all week.

What’s appealing to me about Dr. S. isn’t just how well we’re matched up as online lovers — we both want the same thing out of cybersex, and we both approach it as a craft — but how endearing he is. I tend to fall for the guys who are sweet on the outside and capable of ravaging me on the inside. In this case, I’m discovering Dr. S. is one of those guys, I’m just discovering it in the reverse order. I’ve seen him push me over a theoretical desk and take me like there’s no tomorrow. Now I’m discovery his squishy, vulnerable side, like when we told me, post-cybering, how happy he was we’d become regular lovers, and how long he’d been working up the nerve to contact me.

I’m not saying I want to run off and have his internet babies. But it’s strange — and it’s strange that it’s strange — to feel a connection.

Will writing about cybersex mess up my chances at grad school?
Monday, November 3

While I was at that sex blogging workshop a few weeks ago, I happened to be sitting next to a woman who was working on a PhD thesis about Silicon Valley web culture. She was interested in the subject of the workshop, but she seemed honestly hesitant to write anything online — at least anything that had her real name attached to it. She explained that, in academia, people get super uptight about what they can Google. “I’d like to write a post about a song I like,” she said, “but what if my advisory board finds it and disapproves?”

If that PhD candidate is at all right about the way academia functions, I am so totally screwed. The internet isn’t speckled with my thoughts on music, it’s downright covered in my sexploits. Oh, did I mention I’m applying for PhD programs at the moment? My plan is to be totally upfront about the type of writing I do and hope that gets taken as a strength (I’m applying to work on issues of gender/sexuality) and not a horrible, damning weakness. Fingers crossed.

Transcript Excerpt: Halloween Cybersex with Dr. S.
Friday, October 31st

me: *slipping in through your office door, closing it behind me, standing with my back pressed against it
*my hands at my waist, slowly undoing the cloth belt that hold shut my black, fitted trench coat
me: *without saying another word, without removing my eyes from yours, I pull back both sides of the coat, revealing a pair of black panties, a black bra and nothing else
dr. s.: *my eyes widen at the sight of you revealing yourself like this to me, both hands opening and then clenching closed
dear god…
me: *smiling, closing my coat again, seductively tying the belt once more, stepping closer to you, my heels clicking on the floor of your office
happy Halloween
dr. s.: *my brow furrows as i stand, grabbing hold of your wrist and twisting your arm back up behind you, pressing myself hard against you, forcing you against the far office wall
what do you think you’re doing, miss ruberg?
me: just showing you my costume
*using my feel arm to begin once again undoing my coat
do you want to see it again?
dr. s.: *grabbing your other arm in my other hand
*pinning both arms behind you now
you…are being reckless
unnecessarily reckless
*my grip tightening on your arms, even as you feel my hard cock pressing to you through my suit pants
me: *looking at you mischievously, smiling at the feel of your tight grip on my wrists
am I? does that mean I’ll have to be punished?...

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