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Whether the story of Ursula Bogner is fictional of factual, the tale of this German housewife with an eccentric electronics habit is a fascinating one. As the lore goes, Bogner spent the '60s as a pharmacist, a mother, and a curious tinkerer in the world of synthesizers. She recorded a couple reel to reel tapes of what sounds like the gurgles, giggles, and droning hums of a friendly space 'bot going about its business. This was a side project, however, and up through her death in 1994, it was seen as a hobby more than a profession.

Cue a plane trip by German Faitiche label owner/electronic musician Jan Jelinek, a seatmate who happens to be Ursula's son, and a long conversation about family, and out comes Recordings 1969-1988, a collection of minimalist, analog space pop that's a charming, alien artifact in more ways than one.

You can check out Bogner's electronic emissions at here, just scroll down for samples of songs ranging from "Pulsation" to "Expansion" and "Inversion." (Thanks to Aquarius Records -- which also has a couple streams available on its site -- for the tip). -- Jennifer Maerz

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