'Milk'ing The James Franco Interview

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james franco in milk.jpg
(James Franco as Harvey Milk's partner, Scott Smith, in Milk)

Man, Terry Gross really kisses ass when she interviews celebrities sometimes. Between the Fresh Air interview with Stephen Colbert last week and James Franco last night, my ears are getting cavities from all the sugary gushing she did with these dudes. Worst of all, do we really need 15 minutes of hard hitting questions about Franco kissing Sean Penn in Milk? (We get it. Two straight actors kissed. For a full minute. Stop the presses.)

But, now that I've gotten that complaint off my chest, I'll add that something valuable did come from last night's Franco chat: an introduction to the hilarious comedy videos he makes with his brother,  a series called "Acting with James Franco."

Yes, these skits are totally self-indulgent in Franco's end. And the intros rip off Yacht Rock. But they're still pure comedy. Especially if you've ever bossed around a younger sibling. This particular episode, "Scene Work,"  reminded me of how much I loved to "direct" my younger sister in the plays we'd put on from our parent's bedroom balcony. (She still claims to this day that I forced her to play all the bad parts, like the boys in Grease when I got to be Sandy). A bonus to this video: who else besides Franco would teach you that "Actors sniff pants"?
 --Jennifer Maerz

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