Halloween at the Cat Club, Dia de los Muertos in the Mission and the Alternative Press Expo: Your Monday Morning Hangover

Weekend Wrap-up by Janine Kahn

All Hallows' Eve was blessed with a clear sky instead of the predicted downpour, so the scheduled Friday hooliganisms played out as planned. Our husband-wife photo team of Mike and Jen Cash holed up at the Cat Club for Heklina and Peaches Christ's Halloween party and had a grand 'ol time. (You can tell from their photos.) But Mike had a few bones to pick:

#1: There should only 1 to 2 Jokers per club. (With the exception of the guy who was dressed up as the Tranny Joker...that was good.)

#2: Just because she's dressed up as a sexy nurse/elf maiden doesn't mean she'll go home with you, nor is there any guarantee that she is a she.

#3: Ghostbusters come in packs of four, not one. Unless of course you just got fired from the team.

#4: Dressing up goth is just not unique. It just means you went to Hot Topic at the last minute.

#5: Did I mention the Joker thing? Really, how many fan boys can there be?!

We're surprised he didn't have a Palin costume quip.

booze.jpgSaturday saw the return of the Snitch's News & Booze monthly political podcast produced by our very own Benjamin Wachs. The October edition was an aptly-named pre-election smackdown:

"Have the Real Estate developers shot themselves in the foot? Can John Avalos survive being linked to Chris Daly? Should the Guardian have known that PG&E was rich when this whole "public power" thing started? Will Scott Weiner get kicked off the Democratic committee?"

If you care about the answers to any of these questions, download N&B over here.


Also on Saturday: Josh Creep (producer of All Shook Down's Lowbrow Art Sale) attended the Alternative Press Expo at the Concourse where he proceeded to geek out as he rubbed elbows with some of his favorite artists. Read his dispatch here.


Still more Saturday coverage: Melissa Baron caught Mount Eerie's (a.k.a. Phil Elverum) intimate basement show at Million Fishes. It sounded like the perfect way to slow down from Friday's frenzied happenings:

"The sound felt raw and organic and his voice comforting. Instead of sounding too noisy, the notes fit into a greater melody that never overwhelmed his singing. Each song sounded dreamy, filled with references to nature and the world outside the city. Visions of mountains, starry skies and big trees enveloped the small basement. The music completely consumed the room as his soothing voice invoked a natural calm."

Read the rest here.


And on Sunday evening, our Lauren Smiley waltzed through the Mission's Day of the Dead procession. This year's theme was meant to honor the Aztec earth goddess and those killed in natural disasters and the Iraq War, but, as Lauren's slideshow indicates, the mood was hardly solemn. I mean, Hello Kitty skulls and crossbones? Cute. But come on.

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