Air Guitarists: Hesh Yer Heart Out, Get Some G N'R

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Those who didn't make it into the finals for the national Air Guitar Championships earlier this summer still have a chance to shred with invisible instruments for valuable prizes. Our homegrown air guitar/karaoke night, Hesher, is hosting a contest this Friday, Nov. 21, at Thee Parkside and first prize is $100. That's a lotta beer for having a sense of humor, an appreciation for butt rock, and a willingness to entertain others by making an ass of yourself.

Also, our club listings editor John Graham would like to point out that heshers of the Guns N' Roses-loyal variety can hear the long-awaited Chinese Democracy CD for free at Mezzanine's listening party this Thursday, Nov. 20, at 7:30 p.m. Welcome to the jungle. -- Jennifer Maerz

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