The Lowbrow Art Sale: Munk One, Brandi Milne, Erik Otto

Munk One, "Obama"
I know everyone is trying hard to make those dollars last, so I thought I would put together an article that focused on the more affordable prints out there.

This one is from Upper Playground, in a long list of collaborations where artists make Obama-inspired works. Many of them, such as this one from Munk One, are quite remarkable. It doesn't say how many are left, but some of the other posters sold out pretty quick. There's a host of Obama pieces at this store, so while you're there, check 'em all out. Get It Here.

Brandi Milne, "Halloween"
Halloween is coming, and even though it's not as cool as it was when I was a kid, I still do love the imagery. Brandi Milne has added a new print to her online store “in honor of the month of October." It's 13″x 19″ with an image area of 11″x 16″-- and yes, signed and numbered. The piece also comes shipped in a plastic sleeve. I really do miss the days of pillow cases filled with candy and running around all night with no worries. Get It Here.

Erik Otto, "When it Rains, it Pours"
It's been a while since I have featured a print by Erik Otto, but it looks like Charming Wall has one that's worthwhile. The print is on 15% post-consumer recycled content, and is 9.5" x 14" (image size). This has to be one of my favorite works that he has done; the colors are brilliant and that cloud just blows me away. The whole piece is filled with brushy goodness for your eyeballs. Head on over and pick one of these up for a mere $20. Get It Here.

Yoko d'Holbachie, "Happy World"
I figured I would show something colorful for the remaining Lowbrow prints since I don't want to come off as too emo. Gelaskins has started selling prints: amazingly affordable open-editions on bamboo paper. So this one from my favorite hypercolor surrealist, Yoko, is only $30. Get one, put it on your wall and trip out. Get It Here.

Kathie Olivas, "Shriner Stewie"
Last but never least, I thought I would show a print from one of the shows that always helps end my day on a high note. This piece is by Kathie Olivas and is from the Family Guy art show. Excellent Virtu has a whole mess of these Family Guy prints, but I like this one for the colors and well, Stewie is one my favorite characters of the show. The brush work in this one is killer; I do love the drybushing and slabs of solid color in the background. Get It Here.

--Josh Creep

(LOWBROW runs every Tuesday on All Shook Down. Till then, check out the LOWBROW archive.)

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