NYT Reviews Fucked Up, Can't Bear to Actually Print Band Name

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FuckedUp.jpgSome right-wing freaks would have you believe that the New York Times is actively trying to destroy the fabric of American society. But the vaguely liberal publication remains so family-friendly that, when it reviewed the latest album by artsy Canuck punks Fucked Up in today's issue of the paper, it refused to print the band's name. Instead, the review was headlined with a cryptic series of asterisks: [********].

The self-censorship is a bit reminiscent of the famous Sex Pistols incident where that band's "God Save the Queen" single was represented by a blank space on the Billboard sales chart; the Times review, however, diffuses any anti-punk conspiracies with its glowing and breathless embrace of Fucked Up's new Matador CD, The Chemistry of Common Life. Those crazy lefties will be the death of us yet! — J. Graham

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