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(Turks, from the band's MySpace page)

If you can judge a person by the friends they keep, makes sense to judge a band by its top MySpace friends. And in that context, Oakland's Turks sound pretty sweet: they list the Jesus Lizard, Butthole Surfers, The Stooges, the Fall as pals, to name just a few. Led by guitarist Richard Marshall (Alice Donut, Kingdom First, Carlos) and singer Ryon Gesink since 2004, Turks needle that early '90s Am Rep/ Touch and Go scrape and skronk for the '00s. The song "Sacrificing in a Loop" (available for free at their MySpace page) kicks off with a loud metal riff that quickly gains industrial grit and clangorous appeal as Gesink yells about building weapons. The track detonates multiple times, calming back into an ominous peace for a minute (with Gesink moaning and mumbling) before the next explosion of noisy punk napalm. Great stuff. The band plays with Hank IV and Killdozer at Bottom of the Hill on Saturday, Oct. 11. -- Jennifer Maerz

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