Free Limited Edition Obama Silkscreens

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O_bama%5B1%5D.jpgRene Garcia Jr. is one of my favorite local artists (and not just because he's also a good friend of mine). He creates stunning, large scale portraits using glitter, suede, wood, and sand. He runs the I Love This World blog. And he recently silkscreened a batch of limited edition, gold and black Obama posters (like the one above) that are free for the taking.

You can grab one from the new Project One lounge in Portrero Hill (251 Rhode Island St.), where Rene also has an art show up through the weekend. But if they all get taken before you can get one of your own, we also have 10 to give away here for the first ten commenters who want one (although you have to be able to come pick yours up). Obama will make a great president (fingers crossed) but as artists like Rene -- and Shepard Fairey -- know, he also makes for some pretty cool works of art. -- Jennifer Maerz

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