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Pink Slip at Stud
Last seen:
October 28, 2008
Recurring club night? Every Tuesday
Notes and photos by Crystal Akins

San Francisco nightlife recently put another one of its staples, Trannyshack, to rest while Stud's new Tuesday night party, Pink Slip, revved up its engine and sauntered out to find an identity of its own.

For over a decade, Trannyshack and hostess Heklina wooed us with shocking drag shows and celebrity appearances. But there's a new sheriff in town and her name is Virginia Suicide. Rumor has it Trannyshack had some problems enticing a crowd towards its demise, so Pink Slip officially pissed on its territory, claiming Tuesdays with a rather entertaining drag cabaret variety show.

As a prologue to Halloween, the bar was embroidered with the appropriate paraphernalia: neon green cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns and skeletons dangling from every corner. To further amplify the night's theme, DJ Nature Boy cleverly mixed dirty tracks by Peaches with ghoulish and maniacal laughs into the song's background. Seriously, when the cabaret show opened with the Beetle Juice theme song, I ate up every minute of it. The theme even got down to the nittty gritty when the un-official doorman drew a ghost on my hand instead of marking it with the typical X or illegible signature.


The party, however, is still trying to gain momentum. For such a well thought-out event, it was sparsely populated on Tuesday night. So if you're looking for a place to be fully entertained, bust a move and stretch your legs, I'd suggest hitting this party up during it's infancy--it has the potential to blow up.


The cover is a little steep, though: $8 at the door or $5 if you're on the official mailing list. While this might hinder the overall attraction to making the trip out, the variety show consists of 10 (more or less) acts of drag queens singing (not lip syncing) and viciously dancing to songs with every ounce of passion in their bodies. Between acts, the lovely Virginia Suicide cracked some jokes and primed the audience for the next act.


The line-up: Anaconda, Artemis Chase, Jupiter, Ferosha (the only actual girl), Suppository Spelling and Virginia Suicide. Honorable mentions: Ferosha's impressive cabaret number and Suppository Spelling's slightly tone deaf act that was still very endearing. Normally, a pre-show comedy act is done by Pipi Lovestocking but Lovestocking was M.I.A. on Tuesday night. If you stick around past 2 a.m.. I've been told guerrilla drag dominates the stage with anyone and everyone working the stage.


And last but not least, I love a DJ who feels compelled to ad-lib over his own set, yelling at people dancing on the dance floor. Nature Boy said it best with "Break it down you dirty rookies!"


Next Pink Slip theme: A Clockwork Orange next Tuesday

Critic's Notebook:

Personal Bias:
If everyday could be Halloween, I would make it happen.

Random Detail: I was told the bathroom smelled like flowers, more specifically gardenias; I was lied to.

By the way: This party played the best and most diverse music EVER. Yes, I said it.


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