Tomorrow: Round Two American Idol Auditions at Renaissance Parc 55 Hotel

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Signs on the 4th floor.

The waiting area.

A friend of the Weekly tipped us off earlier today about American Idol auditions, which were supposedly going on at the Renaissance Parc 55 Hotel downtown. We thought this was strange since the Idol train already stopped at the Cow Palace in July, and the show's website only listed auditions through August 19. Did America not have enough talent? Did the Idol producers have to sneak an extra San Francisco stop in to meet their contestant quota?

We dropped by Parc 55 after work (and, ahem, after an hour-long wait in MUNI's sick underground playground) and found no traces of Idolatry, but a floorman told us the auditions were taking place on the 4th floor. We zipped up there, spotted signs with the show's logo (as well as a "crowd release" notice) and another member of the staff told us the taping had just finished and would start up again tomorrow at 10 a.m. But a line is expected to start forming at 7.

At the concierge's desk, Rossanna Caylao, who has worked at Parc 55 since 1998, told us this is the third year in a row that the auditions have been held at the hotel. There were "not as many [Idol hopefuls] as there were last year," she said. "Last year they clogged up the pathways outside."

*Update on Sept 11: Well, now it all makes sense. ASD correspondent Jackie Lopez reports that this is round two of the SF auditions, and everyone showing up is on an invite-only list. No judges on the premises (as our helpful readers guessed below), just producers. --Janine Kahn

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