The Lowbrow Art Sale: Shepard Fairey, Lesley Reppeteaux & Mari Inukai

Shepard Fairey "Billboard Eye"
One of the most recognizable names in the current art scene, Shepard Fairey currently has a solo show at the White Walls Gallery. The show is massive and features a lot of really killer work (some of which you can see here). This is one of the few prints that's available. If you're looking for others, ebay is probably your best bet. This one's very similar to the one he submitted for the "Crazy 4 Cult 2" Show. Must be some of the same stencils. Get It Here.

Lesley Reppeteaux "Embrace"
It was over a year ago that I featured a print from this amazing artist. Well, Lesley currently has a show going on at the Thinkspace Gallery and this print is one of two that are offered at the show. It's 16" x 16", signed and numbered in an edition of 25. I really love the colors in this one, and the fact that it retains the shape and feel of the wood that the original was painted on. Get It Here.

Mari Inukai "Sekai Seifuku"
Yet another artist that hasn't been featured for a while, who coincidentally also has a show going on. Mari Inukai has some pieces up at the "Figures and Grounds" show at the Gallery Nucleus. I love how brushy and colorful her work is; it's always a pleasure to see new stuff from her. The print is 8.75" x 17.5" and is an 8-color print on watercolor paper. Get It Here

Jason Pultz and Camilla d'Errico "Sticky Fingers"
Camilla D'Errico has been in these articles before, but Jason Pultz has not. Jason is the creator of the webcomic "Comic Strip" and has some work in the "Made in Canada" show over at the Bear and Bird Gallery. I think the two of them work well together, as a mix of rendered and more graphic looking work is always cool. Get It Here

Andy Kehoe "After the Flood, Trust Waivers"
After moving his website just a while ago, Andy has also decided to start selling his prints through Etsy to make it easier. The newest print up for grabs is 12" x 16" on the always welcomed Hahnemuhle Photo Rag. It is limited to an edition of 25 signed and numbered. Get It Here

--Josh Creep

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