MP3 of the Day: Chumbawamba

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chumbawaba.jpgI heard the witty "Add Me" -- a new Chumbawamba song -- on KUSF this morning and had to track it down and post it as an MP3 of the day. The lyrics are hilarious: "I’m a loner alone with neuroses and hate/ Anger is a permanent character trait/ My letter bombs are primed and they're ready to send/ Would you like to add me as a friend?" From there the band goes along in Syd Barrett sing-song mode, listing off all of this dude's poor personality traits (gun fetish, still living with mum at 50, Nazi uniform collection, voices in his head) and inviting you to add him as friend. It's such a great song, from a new album called The Boy Bands Have Won. To hear for yourself this perfect addition to everyone's MySpace and Facebook pages, click here. -- Jennifer Maerz

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