Last Night: Matt & Kim at Bottom of the Hill

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Matt & Kim
Bottom of the Hill
September 2, 2008
Review and Photos by Melissa Baron

Better Than: The premier of 90210, "Old friends, new faces, same ZIP," on the CW. Even though that religious girl from Degrassi stars in it.

Imagine teleporting to a magical place where gargoyles, unicorns and dragons hold hands and skip through fields. A place where bad ass metal and party time dance music melt into a symphonic masterpiece. A place where song, dance and laughter can cure even the worst ailments. And most importantly, a place where men are free to show off all four of their nipples.

Perhaps visiting a place like this requires no teleporting -- just a bus pass, bike or motorcycle and the will to travel to the base of Potrero Hill to witness the most fantastic of shows. Yes, my friends, Tuesday evening this place existed thanks to the always stupendous Best Fwends and Matt & Kim.


The darling Matt & Kim of Brooklyn, NY, brought their always happy, always fun, always dancing selves to rock the ever living daylights out of loads of adoring fans. And despite a bad case of the sniffles, they performed a great selection of old and new songs. "The perfect remedy for anything is doing what we're doing," said Matt. Talk about the best attitude of all time.


The lovely duo premiered a new song called "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare" from their new album Grand. At the show they played favorites from their demo and self-titled full length including "Grand," "Silver Tiles," "Verbs Before Nouns," "Lightspeed," "Yea Yeah" and "It's A Fact (Printed Stained)."


They played against a banner with their name and a plethora of signatures. After each show on tour they have audience members sign the banner as a yearbook of sorts for their tour. Matt exasperatedly explained that he does not understand why boys draw pictures of dicks on everything (their banner had quite a few). He could justify drawing them in bathroom stalls because dick is in hand and therefore on the mind. With this backing he made it known that "Unless your penis is out, don't draw your penis on our fucking banner. If your penis is out then I don't give a fuck." Of course, one boy had to take his penis out when it came time to sign.


Now, I've seen this band play many times and I can confirm they never disappoint. But this show included a very special moment -- Matt revealed all four of his nipples to an audience for the first time. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Matt has four nipples and they rule just like him. Other special moments? They started their set with an instrumental version of "Final Countdown." Apparently they attempted to play it in Sweden as well but the audience seemed far less receptive.


Before Matt & Kim went onstage, Austin's Best Fwends melted everyone's face off. Don't let the name fool you, this band is no jaunt in the park. Instead they play totally kickass metally goodness. The charming sounds of White Zombie played in the background as the boys unrolled their bizarro banner and began to inflate their enormous gargoyles.


Once the stage was fully set there wasn't much room for them to boogie but they made use of the space they had. Really, only four words need to be said regarding Best Fwends: They. Rock. So. Hard. End of story.

So kids remember, all it takes to make magic happen is a little music from Best Fwends and Matt & Kim.


Critic's Notebook:

Personal Bias: Next to Bruce Springsteen, I think Matt & Kim are just about the best people/musical artists in the whole entire world. I love them more than I love cotton candy and the Back to the Future trilogy.

Random Detail: During the set up before Matt & Kim and after they played the venue played music from the best DJs around called Flosstradamus. They also played some excellent hip hop from a cool dude named Hollywood Holt.

By the way: Both Flosstradamus and Hollywood Holt (also a cool dude named Mano) remixed Matt & Kim. Their remixes are super duper. I have included the Flosstradamus music video for "Yea Yeah" below. Watch it.

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