It's Over: Outside Lands Wrap-Up

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Three days of Oustide Lands was downright exhausting. So I bring to you a weekend wrap-up in bullet points, because I just can't come up with cohesive paragraphs at the moment.

  • Day one was the only really shitty day in terms of adverse festival conditions. The field looked like a human cattle drive, the alchohol I.D. check resembled a Soviet bread line, and all 60,000-plus audience members seemed to have left their etiquette and decent manners outside the park.
  • Good Lord those stages were outrageously spaced out. Hope you were wearing your New Balances.
  • Chain-link fences? Not even the U.S. Border Patrol could have kept dudes from sneaking in.
  • Radiohead is awesome. 'Nuff said.
  • You might as well have visited just to look at the pretty colors, because none of those times were right.
  • Matter of fact, MUNI just made the shitlist of many an SFer.
  • Day two drew in a much mellower audience and everyone seemed generally good-natured. I don't know why, but some people at the Radiohead show acted like they were at the Source Awards.
  • I don't know if "Jerry Was a Racecar Driver" was worth it to sit through Primus dicking around like a jam band for the first half of their set.
  • I hate jam bands.
  • I got to relive a couple moments of my youth through Tom Petty. His covers of "Gimme Some Lovin'" and "Gloria" gave me flashbacks of some childhood favorites, The Blues Brothers and The Outsiders. Plus, I saw the "Free Fallin'" video on VH1 countless times back in the day.
  • Uneven grass is a major cause of rolled ankles.
  • Don't roll your ankle at Outside Lands.
  • Especially if you live in the Sunset, because then you have to walk home with a gammy leg.
  • Sharon Jones' life lessons are that much more profound in a sun-soaked polo field.
  • For the untrained ear, Rodrigo y Gabriela sound like the most awesome El Pollo Loco commercial ever.
  • Jack Johnson dedicated songs to some toys on stage and a two-year-old kid. The man is a walking Sesame Street episode.

--Oscar Pascual

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