Frisco Disco Shuts Down, Blames Transfer

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(Richie Panic)

Hipster dance/DJ night Frisco Disco has parted ways with Church/Market club the Transfer. DJ Jefrodisiac sent out an angry MySpace bulletin blaming the owner of the Transfer for the split and stating that Frisco promoters (Richie Panic and Jefrodisiac) will spend their time deciding what new format the club should come back as. The club night has been a weekly Saturday night staple for a long time, but the DJs are thinking about shifting into everything from a monthly to an annual party. Full Frisco Disco bulletin below. -- Jennifer Maerz

First off, we have to say we are very distraught and disturbed over this -

Before re-starting the Frisco Disco at The Transfer many people warned us not to work with The Transfer - The owner there, Greg Bronstein, has a bad reputation for fucking people over and now you can add THE WORLD FAMOUS FRISCO DISCO to the list -

Well I guess we are ---- too crazy-too rowdy-too drunk-and bring in a crowd of low lifes---- etc -- the list goes on and on --

So rather than play by their boring rules -- we are closing up shop -- taking a break -- and figuring out what's next for THE WORLD FAMOUS FRISCO DISCO

I realize we have quit before - only to return for one reason or another
-- this is not a publicity stunt --

We are leaving The Transfer - we are the first to go - soon there will be others - mark our words -

It may take months to find a new venue that can handle us - - - It may be years - - - but most likely we are taking a few months of to collect ourselves and then we will start looking for a new home

We might change our party to a monthly - quarterly - annual - ??? party - we are very distraught and disturbed right now but rest assured we will overcome adversity -- will be back! - - - when the time and place is right - we will be there for you!

Keep an eye out for us - if you know of a venue that can handle a party like FRISCO DISCO - please let us know -

We will be posting best-of FRISCO DISCO pics all week long - to reminisce about the good times

We love the staff - security - management - etc of The Transfer - but the owner is living up to his shitty reputation and we are OUT - never to step foot in the VENUE again -

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