The Lowbrow Art Sale: Ben Tour, Erik Jones, Jeremy Geddes and More

Ben Tour "Heartbreaker 2"
It was in one my first articles that I featured this Canadian artist. He has two new prints available from Fine Grime UK. Even with the background on this one being so minimal, his style and layering techniques makes this print very dynamic. This piece is from a limited edition of 50, it's about 19" x 24" and is on 280gm2 paper. Get It Here

Jeremy Geddes "Lady Sham Inspects the Damage"
An artist working out of Australia, Jeremy Geddes is an award winning illustrator with an insane amount of skill in painting. He is very good at making his works look photo-realistic, and I kind of think a lot of his work has a kind of "Caravaggio" style to it. Figures coming out of the darkness, or in the print shown here, a figure set in a desolate background, draws all the attention easily to the figure. This print is 12" x 12". Get It Here

Sarah Joncas "A Place to Confide"
Sarah Joncas is a quickly rising artist out of Ontario, Canada. Her work is being shown all around the country, and selling out very fast. She finally has some prints for sale, and has a good amount to choose from. Each print is limited to 50, and the print shown here is 16" x 20" signed and numbered. It was hard to choose what print of hers to show as they are all great prints, I went with this one as it was always one of my favorites of hers. Get It Here

Erik Jones "South Virginia"
A graduate of the Ringling College of Art and Design, Erik Jones creates most of his works with acrylics and colored pencils. He has a really catchy style, I also like how he mixes caricature into some of his works. He has a lot of prints available from the site, they are all signed by the artists and seem to be 13" x 19" or thereabouts. Get It Here

Kimberly Dow "The Mood"
A professional artist for the past 20 years, Kim has a huge list of shows she has participated in, awards and publications. She is on oil painter that often depicts both landscapes and figures. This print is on Fuji Archival paper, and is signed by the artist. I love this portrait with the added swashes of color and sgraffito (scratches in paint) throughout. It kind of looks like patches of rust, like the portrait was done on a piece of rusted metal. Get It Here

(LOWBROW runs every Tuesday on All Shook Down. Till then, check out the LOWBROW archive.)

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