On Comics: Michael Turner Dead at 37


According to the Los Angeles Times, artist Michael Turner died on June 27 at a Santa Monica hospital, after a long fight with bone cancer. Turner, in recent years, was best known as a cover artist – "The Flash" and Marvel's "Civil War" series were among the best – although he'd also experienced considerable success with "Fathom" and "Witchblade," his own series.

Turner's fantastical 'Fathom'

He was, as the Times notes, a "bankable" name; Turner's "highly stylized" art (read: heavy on curves and androgynous facial structure), revered by most and reviled by a few, was usually enough to send books flying off the shelves.

"He was the greatest guy in the room, no matter who else was there," writes comic book legend Geoff Johns, in a tribute at Comic Book Resources. "And it wasn't because he was so talented or charismatic or funny. He treated everyone with so much respect and courtesy, not just his friends, but everyone. It was inspiring. He loved his fans and would travel even when it should've been impossible to see them."

Over at the web site of Aspen Comics, the company Turner founded in 2003, there's full information for fans who wish to send condolences to the Turner family.

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