On Comics: Barry Gets Own Book; Will Probably Beat Up Superman


So today the AP is carrying a story about how "presumptive nominees John McCain and Barack Obama will star this fall in their
own comic books put out by IDW Publishing, a San Diego-based publisher better known for telling the stories of robots ('The Transformers') and vampires ('30 Days of Night')." Which makes sense, in a way, because there are few presidential candidates more robotic than the "Maverick."


Writes the AP scribe: "Comic book biographies have been written before — Marvel Comics had a best-seller in 1982 with a biography of Pope John Paul II. But Dunbier said the company is breaking new ground getting out fully researched comics on two candidates before Election Day."

And there have been few presidential candidates with as many superhuman qualities as Barry Obama. The man goes to Europe, speaks to a gazillion people, doesn't make one gaffe, and people all over the world call him the "President of Europe" and say, "he's so presidential!" (Which is correct, by the way. He is the President and King of Europe!)


Anyway, if you take a look at the covers side-by-side, you can tell which way the artist votes. McCain looks a little puffy, a little fat-catty, like he's Al Capone presiding over a big bank robbery. (And he's wearing a red tie!) Meanwhile, Barry looks lean and mean, because he goes to the gym like six gazillion times a day.

The books come out in October, just a month before the presidential contest kicks into its final, messy leg. More info here.

–Matthew Shaer

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