Nine Inch Nails Releases Physical Version of Latest Album

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Say what you will about Trent Reznor's music, lyrics, or personality — the guy usually crafts impeccably (OK, let's be honest: neurotically) detailed albums. So even though Nine Inch Nails' latest release, The Slip, arrived so quickly on the heels of the conceptual Year Zero and the all-instrumental Ghosts I-IV, it was still surprising to hear a NIN album sound so loose, so impromptu, so ... tossed-off. But hell, it was available entirely free for download, so even the most obsessive Reznorian fanatic — and they are legion — could hardly complain. Still, "the Rez" has got those neuroses to deal with, so with his usual perfectionist zest he's now offering a real, physical, hold-it-in-your-hands (or, if your one of aforementioned fanatics, rub-it-sensually-across-your-naked-torso) CD version the album, complete with bonus DVD, stickers, and other collectible/hordeable/eBay-able contents. Read the details after the jump....

    A physical release of Nine Inch Nails' The Slip will be available worldwide in the upcoming days as a limited edition CD with bonus DVD through the Null Corporation label.

    This CD with bonus DVD edition will be a one time only worldwide run of 250,000 individually numbered digipacks. Each digipack features a six-panel layout, 24 page booklet and an exclusive three sticker set. Art direction by Rob Sheridan.

    The bonus DVD includes 5 live performances filmed during rehearsals for Nine Inch Nails' upcoming tour, including album tracks "Echoplex," "1,000,000," and "Letting You."

    A gatefold vinyl version of The Slip which contains one 180gm vinyl LP and a 24-page booklet will also be released in the US and Canada on August 12 and in the UK on August 18.

So there ya go: 250,000 fetish items for a quarter-million depressive rock fans. Click here for the official website. — J. Graham

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