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Vinroc may be stoked to have grabbed a single from reggae icon John Holt out of the vinyl bins, but the soul fiend isn't content to just spin other people's classics. The DJ is busy running his own record label, and is about to release his debut full-length. We caught up with the Otis/Milk mainstay for a quick Friday Q&A.

Name: DJ Vinroc

Club night(s) where we can see you spin: Step @ Otis Lounge; Flavor of the Month @ MILK on Haight

Style of music you spin: neo soul, hip hop, soulful house, classics

Other music projects you're involved with: The So Much Soul mix cd series and my first full length album, The Revealing

Name of a track you can’t get out of your head: "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay

Craziest thing you've witnessed in a San Francisco club: San Franciscans are a polite and intelligent audience:)

What success as a DJ would mean to you: Gaining a following for the music you play and personally like, and not what's hot at the moment.

Dream DJ partner: I get to work with some of the best DJs in the city and they are all my partna's

Favorite DJ experience: Seeing some of our wonderful world

Worst request: Can you play that song that goes "Dadada di da"? How can you not know that song?

Most treasured vinyl score: Too many to name, but I was quite happy to get a "For the Love of You" version by John Holt

Locals acts folks need to put on their radar ASAP: ZION-I

Musical mantra: "Do you"

Question we didn’t ask you but you often ask yourself: What day is it?

Next time we can see you spin: Step @ Otis Lounge (25 Maiden Lane, right off Union Square) every second Friday of the month, and please check out my new label, ThatsThat and the upcoming release of my album The Revealing!

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