Saturday Night: Sex in the City at the Sundance Kabuki Theater

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Last night I had a movie experience like none other: I went to see Sex and the City at the Sundance/Kabuki Theater. It wasn't the movie itself that made the night (although I give the film two thumbs up; loved it), it was the whole pomp and circumstance with the crowd around it. Women were there in packs of six and eight friends, all of them dressed to the nines in heels and tight dresses.

Do men do the same for their movies? Do they all call one another and decide to wear khaki pants and floppy hats to see Indiana Jones? I don't think so.

But Sex and the City inspired more well-dressed women than I've ever seen at a movie. And I'll admit, I was part of the heel 'n' little dress crew myself -- we had ten ladies in our crew. The two bars at the Kabuki (bars which, I should add, rule in a city where you have to sneak your hooch into most theaters) were crammed with women ordering the signature Sex and the City cosmos. When we got to the front of the line, my friend and I ordered wine. The bartender was so happy we hadn't said cosmos that he "gave us a full pour as a thank you." Ha.

Once the movie started, the ladies (and the scattered gay men, and the even fewer men there on dates) set their cocktails and wine glasses on their little tables to keep their hands free for cheering. When the theme song started, the whole theater was hooting. When Samantha came on, they were hooting again. When Charlotte said some choice words for someone who'd spurned Carrie, there was more clapping.

It was interactive theater, but nothing obnoxious. Just fun. At the end of the film,there were also many puffy eyes -- ok, the movie worked some heavy stuff into its plot that got me choked up too-- showing that this wasn't all tottering shoes and clinking glasses. But the foofy stuff sure made the whole thing memorable. I can't imagine it'll be the same thing at all for the next movie I want to see, Savage Grace. -- Jennifer Maerz

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