Saturday Night: Laughing Squid's 13-Year Anniversary Party

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2217160.36.jpg(Click the image for more photos by Gretchen Robinette)

The fine folks at Laughing Squid held their 13-year anniversary at CELLspace Saturday night, complete with a bar line looping around the back room at all times. As to why no one camped out next to Chapek the Robot Bartender for its free beer -- yes, a robot that pours beer for you into a red plastic cup -- was beyond me.

Next to Chapek sat some amazing free chocolate samples provided by a new company called TCHO, and they didn't care if you lingered for 6 more squares, seeing as you would become more addicted with each sneaky bite. There was also Stilt Dancers squeezing through the crowd of art onlookers fighting for foot space, while The Church of Frank Sinatra took stage, providing old hits for dancers and drunks alike to sway and spin to.

My favorite hideout was the Light Painting room upstairs, where Supersnail offered guests free studio portraits of themselves bathed in a trippy rainbow light if they were inquisitive enough to walk beyond the unmarked curtain. So much was going on at once, I probably missed a lot, as did everyone else. As Cell Space's floor space capacity was conquered, a line of hopefuls both young and old a like waited outside to get in. --Gretchen Robinette

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