Night + Day: Calendar Picks for 6/11



Reproduce & Revolt Book Release Party: Art Jam and Celebration, 6pm
CounterPULSE - 1310 Mission at Ninth St.

Except in the case of Shepard Fairey, who does indeed own his Obey image, street art rarely comes with a © attached. In the book Reproduce & Revolt, artists Favianna Rodriguez and Josh MacPhee present political graphics they collected from artists around the world, dealing with everything from gender inequality, activism, and queer liberation to globalization and immigration. But this isn’t just a lefty coffeetable book. Using bold images that are ready for the Xerox machine, the editors want you to reproduce the work where and how you see fit, whether you use stencils, posters, T-shirts, walls, whatever. Maybe you’d like Karl Xtravaganza’s HOMO on a hat, in homage to Robert Indiana's famed LOVE with the tilted O? Or perhaps the words “Gulf War Syndrome Makes Your Semen Burn Like Hot Lava” stenciled on a sidewalk? The book has plenty of variations on “No Blood for Oil” and more than a few fists raised, but it also has a creepy rat’s tail coming from the backside of Mickey Mouse, which is the Mexican artist Alejandro Magallanes’ assessment on what’s behind the “American Fantasy.” There’s something for activists of every stripe — one piece is titled “Say No to Grapefruit Diets.” Not going to argue with that.

Enjoy live printmaking, art exhibits, and music at Reproduce & Revolt Book Release Party: Art Jam and Celebration. --Michael Leaverton


Return to Forever, 7pm, 9:30pm, $79.70
The Regency Center - 1290 Sutter at Van Ness

Once upon a time there were albums filed in the jazz section that sold bazillions of copies, even though they didn't say "Norah Jones" on them. They were called jazz fusion. Though the term has since become a dirty word (blame the slick pop-jazz chord changes of Steely Dan, if you must), for a little while in the early 1970s, the marriage of jaw-dropping jazz chops and rock bombast (and volume) produced some startlingly original sounds. Along with Miles Davis, Weather Report, and John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever was one of the pillars of the genre. While it's tempting to lump this reunion tour in with the rock band reunion trend that seems to be spreading faster than the SARS virus these days (the Police, the B-52's, the Pixies — what's next, Temple of the Dog?), this is one band that’s worth revisiting. Pianist Chick Corea, guitarist Al Di Meola, bassist Stanley Clarke, and drummer Lenny White have all gone on to reams of individual acclaim and stardom (even lending a hand on several of the aforementioned Steely Dan records), but probably none of them ever got as electrified as they did in this lineup. Sure, they had their over-the-top Spinal Tap Stonehenge moments, on tunes like Romantic Warrior's “Medieval Overture” and “The Magician,” but it was the 1970s, so cut these guys a break. Now it's 2008, and it isn't every day we get to hear masterful musicians such as these plug in and crank it up to 11. --Ezra Gale

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