MP3 of the Day: Plants and Animals

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plants%20and%20animals.jpgThose Canadian indie kids sure know how to make hits that make folks feel real happy. Montreal's Plants and Animals have one song on their MySpace page, "Bye Bye Bye," that sounds like it should soundtrack a love scene in a Cameron Crowe movie about teenagers falling in puppy love. The song is all triumphant orchestration and mood-boosting choruses behind achy, Wolf Parade-ish vocals. Good stuff. “Faerie Dance” is a quieter affair, and almost as good and just as epic. I guess this one would soundtrack the part in Cameron's movie where the teenager isn't sure if he's going to get hurt by the girl because, like, they had a heavy talk after school or something, but he's gonna go for her regardless. Anyway,

Plants and Animals is a band with an unremarkable name and remarkable music. Good for fans of Wolf Parade, David Karsten Daniels, Arcade Fire, and the like. Check out “Faerie Dance” here. The band plays live in S.F. on Wednesday, June 25, at the Rickshaw. -- Jennifer Maerz

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