MP3 of the Day: Love as Laughter

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Love as Laughter is the project of one Sam Jayne, who came up in the Northwest around peers like Modest Mouse and is now based in Brooklyn. Jayne's output should be getting the same accolades as his famous buddies, and yet he's remained far below the radar for years despite putting out some excellent records (Laughter's Fifth and Sea to Shining Sea are two of my favorite CDs, period). I'd just bought the band's new EP, Trademark of Quality, for ten bucks through Jayne's website when a new full-length, Holy, showed up in the mail. If we live in a just music world, and I know we kinda don't, this will be the CD that finally elevates Love as Laughter to the masses. It's well-produced indie rock in the vein of Modest Mouse and Pavement -- or like if Stephen Malkmus' solo stuff wasn't so painfully boring. The one song the label is offering for streaming is "All of Me," which is a little hippier than the rest of the album (it has a jam band sorta feel ) but it does show the loose vibe and ecstatic choruses that permeate Holy -- which comes out June 24. (You can preview a couple more tracks at the band's MySpace page.) -- Jennifer Maerz

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