MP3 of the Day: Apollo Sunshine


If your musical collaborators had names like Drug Rug, Edan, Tulsa, Viva Viva, and White Flight, one could assume that your music was gonna sound a little ... weird. And Apollo Sunshine doesn’t shrink away from making the kinds of songs that would be gooey ear candy for lounging on a, er, drug rug. The main trio that comprises Apollo Sunshine -- Jesse Gallagher, Sam Cohen, and Jeremy Black -- gets good and loose with its songwriting, crafting ambient brain explorations that come out like transmissions back to NASA headquarters one track and trash-can beats the next. They’re more fun to describe than they are to pinpoint, but imagine a mellowed out Black Dice and you’re at least in the general Apollo orbit -- although they also jettison into Beatles-y pop too. The group isn’t releasing a new record until the fall, but they’re playing at 12 Galaxies on Thursday, June 26. To get a little taste of the lysergic hooks to come, check out this track, "666: The Coming of the New World Government." – Jennifer Maerz

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