Get Drunk in Prison (No Toilet Pruno Necessary!)

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Fess up — you always wanted to roam around the Rock at night, stumbling between the cells with a Kentucky bourbon buzz and challenging the ghost of Al Capone to a knockdown fistfight. Right? Sure, everyone does. On Saturday, June 21, you can make your dream come true (and conveniently avoid any pagan hippies swirling away the summer solstice) by taking an alcoholic boat cruise to Alcatraz. The boat leaves from pier 33 at 6 p.m., DJ A.M. spins beats while you sample the hosted liquor bar onboard, then you get to roam (OK, be led on tour) around the Rock until midnight, when you return to the boat for more booze and DJ David Carvalho. Ducats cost a crisp $250, but it's a charity benefit for cancer research, so if you've got the extra cash and some formal attire just lying around, kick down for a ticket at Or, y'know, you could just bum around with the patchouli kids in GGP like you did for last year's solstice. — J. Graham

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