Club Night Review: French Kiss-ing at Pink

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French Kiss
June 22, 2008
Notes and photos by Crystal Akins

Better than: Prime time T.V.

Sunday night ragers are not for the subtle at heart, but for weekend warriors who can muster up the courage to go out at the end of a weekend, French Kiss at Pink in the Mission is your best bet.

"We're probably the only Sunday party that feels like a Saturday, where we can have fun, rage, and go crazy," said French Kiss founder DJ MyKill. But be warned, this party does not start early. Pink was a desolate wasteland at precisely 10:30 p.m.; you could almost hear the wind blow. Things don’t pick up there until at least 11:30 p.m.

Located on 16th St. and South Van Ness, Pink is an unusually chic venue for the Mission. Its décor comprises fuchsia walls, modern white leather booths, silk drapery, crystal chandeliers, and sexy pink lighting. This place is sheer decadence. Donovan, a veteran visual artist in the rave scene, was projecting visuals onto a screen last Sunday, a unique French Kiss twist that reminded us of parties in the 90s. Also unique to French Kiss is the free "pink" shot afforded to party goers alongside $2 PBR's and $4 well drinks -- which make up for the $3 cover charge at the door.

The club night kicked off in September of 2007, originally taking root in Phoenix with MyKill. In its S.F. incarnation, MyKill teams with DJ Forever 21, and the pair boldly claim they're playing the most recent electro, disco punk, mash ups, and indie rock remixes.

"We try to play music you don't hear anywhere else," says Forever 21. "We go out and know what the other DJs are playing.” (Forever 21 speaks the truth on hitting the pavement: I've seen this man at numerous parties.)

These DJs are also bringing in national talent for their big Kiss, having hosted such DJs as AC Slater, DJ Ayres, and JD Samson from Le Tigre. But despite the hipster-esque talent this party lassos, the crowd last Sunday night dominated by tourists and serious bros, with Mission kids in the minority.

Overall, if you're looking for a place to end the weekend -- and you ladies can deal with dudes in military caps putting the moves on you -- this French Kiss is worth the while.

Do's and Don'ts

Do remember to get hooked up with your free pink shot-- it tastes like candy.
Don't forget to bring cash. Pink’s ATM charges an outrageous $3 fee on top of the amount your bank punishes you for.
Do NOT forget to set your alarm for the next day's obligations.
Don't get wasted to the point of vomiting. Bathrooms are single stalls and the line takes forever.

Critic's Notebook:

Personal Bias: I'm partial to the idea of barstools being elevated so high you look like an idiot trying to sit down, drink in hand.

Random Detail: The place smelled like gardenias, and fresh flowers were perched up on the bar.

By the Way: Hot pink halter tops are not cute. Come on people!

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