BBB Returns to SFO

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BalkanBeatBox2.jpgThose of you who've got a bad case of pan-global dance fever can get a dose of sweet, sweet medicine when the mad cats of Balkan Beat Box come to the Fillmore on Wednesday, Sept. 10. The band's previously scheduled Fillmore show got cancelled when those xenophobic dolts in Homeland Security negged the BBB visa at the Canadian border. (Yeah, thanks for protecting us from those evil foreigners* and their devil's dance music that makes us writhe with the ecstasy of the possessed — we hate that kind of wild, gyrating fun in this country!) Tickets for the rescheduled gig cost $22.50 and go on sale this Sunday, June 8, at 10 a.m. — J. Graham

* Note: BBB is actually from New York City (and features members of Gogol Bordello and Firewater), which makes the irony only that much thicker.

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