Last Night: Unpopable, The Dead Hensons, Borts Minorts at Bottom of the Hill

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Unpoppable, The Dead Hensons, Borts Minorts
Bottom of the Hill, May 10, 2008
Notes and Photos by Mike and Jenny Cash

Made up of a guitarist, a drummer, and a balloon bassist, Unpopable's self described elastic blues is much like the art of balloon sculpture. It's colorful and delightfully twisted. And like that fine art, you are transfixed by the process and eagerly look forward to the result.

Probably the world's only Muppet Cover Band, The Dead Hensons are an eight piece rock band exclusively covering the upbeat songs from early Jim Henson projects (mainly Sesame Street, the Muppet Show, and the Muppet Movie). A little strange until you remember that since the 70s, 40 of the songs and albums from the Jim Henson World have been nominated for Grammy's with 14 wins. Not bad base material and The Dead Hensons know how to rock each one.

If Salvador Dali had done music he would have paled in comparison to the truly eclectic Borts Minorts. One part performance art, one part manic techno musical extravaganza, all around fantastically mesmerizing. In his trademark unitard, and flanked by his accompanying backup dancers, Borts manages to blend more action into 45 minutes than a full week at the circus. The crowd at Bottom of the Hill was treated to his mini opening act Fou Fou Ha. Imagine Dr. Seuss directing a dance troupe of court jesters and you might be near the same solar system of describing it.

Borts Minorts is Cirque du Soleil on acid, no chaser.

Click the image for many more photos from Saturday's show.

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